Today, everyone wants to automatically publish post to Facebook from the WordPress website? Facebook is a very famous and huge social media platform which connects one person to other very quickly and Facebook has more than billion users. Facebook is a powerful platform and it is accountable for many websites traffic. Everyone wants to share their post on Facebook. So, in this post I will show how you can automatically publish post to Facebook from WordPress to expand your social media following and traffic.

Why we need publish WordPress post on Facebook?

Facebook is famous social media website which has huge users, and it is best way to get traffic in your websites. Here, you just need to engage with lots of users on Facebook to develop strong following. If you want to share your post or blog automatically than this article will help you to automatically publish post to Facebook from WordPress.

How to Automatically Publish Post to FacebookFromWordPress

There are two simple ways to publish your post or blog automatically. You have to select best option for you:

  1. Automatically Publish Post to Facebook Using a WordPress Plugin.
  2. Automatically Publish Post to Facebook Using Buffer.

Method 1: Automatically Publish Post to Facebook Using a WordPress Plugin

This method is little lengthy from other, but it will give you better control compare to others.  You can publish the post in any categories including custom post types also.

Firstly, you have to install and activate the plugin “AccessPress Facebook Auto post”. For more detail Follow this link how to install plugin in WordPress to install the plugin.

When will you activate the plugin, you will notice a new menu item “AccessPress Facebook Auto Post” in your WordPress dashboard. Then, click on it and it will take you the settings page.

AccessPress Facebook Auto Post

Firstly you have to check the box and then ‘Auto publish option’. It enables auto posting on your WordPress site. Then, It will ask you to enter the Facebook ID and password. You can obtain these keys by visiting the Facebook Developers website.

First you need to check the box next to the ‘Auto Publish’ option. This will enable auto-posting on your WordPress site. Here, you have to click on “Add a new app” button.

add new app

A dialog box will open and ask you to enter a display name for the app, your email address, and choose a category. You can select name or category and click on “Create App ID” button.

create app ID

Facebook will create an app for you

Then, you have to click on the Dashboard link of WordPress. After clicking on this link it will show you your ID and Secret keys. Now, you have to click on show button to see secret key. Copy the secret key and paste it to the plugin’s settings of WordPress website.

Then, come back to the app dashboard page and click on ‘Choose Platform’ button to continue.

Select a website as your platform

After, it will take you to a popup where you have to select a website as your platform.

Publish post to facebook

Facebook redirect you to the page where it is showing how to use the app on websites with few code snippets. You have to just scroll down to the “Tell us about your website” option and enter your WordPress website URL

Publish post to facebook

After giving website URL click to next button and finish the setup. Now, one last step has remained. Visit to the App Review page and make your app public by click on the yes button.

After that click on the next button to save your website URL and finish the setup wizard.

App Review

Now, Facebook app is ready to use your WordPress website. Then, return to your plugin’s setting and enter your app ID and secret keys. And click on the save button.

After saving, click on the ‘Authorize’ button to connect the plugin with your Facebook profile.

Authorize button to connect the plugin

Then, it will take you to Facebook where you can see the dialog box asking for the permission. Click to continue and then select to whom you want to give permission to see your post.

Select post type

After selecting the permission, it will be redirected back to plugin’s setting page on your WordPress site. Then, you have to add your Facebook profile Id in plugin settings.

Rest of the plugin setting is quite self-explanatory. Now, you can select post type which you can auto-post to Facebook. You can also auto publish the posts.

auto publish the posts

If you want to access this so, don’t forget to click on save button. Now, Facebook Auto post plugin has started share your posts automatically on Facebook.

Method 2: Automatically Publish Post to Facebook Using Buffer

Buffer is an application which allows to manage accounts in social network by giving the means for a user to schedule posts to twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Buffer is company which develops this buffer software. If you want to use this application firstly, sign up in the Buffer website. Benefit of the Buffer application is that you can schedule the time your post when you want to share your post. You can choose an optimal time for sharing your published post.

Automatically Post to Facebook Using BufferAfter, creating account in Buffer. You have to connect your WordPress website to the buffer application. For connecting buffer to your WordPress website you to install WordPress to Buffer plugin.

Follow the steps to install WordPress to Buffer plugin.

Firstly, you need to access token your WordPress site to Buffer. In this screen, you will see a callback URL. You should copy this URL because you have to use in the next step.

Next, go to Buffer Developers website and click to create an app button

Then, form will show. You need to give a name and description of your app, your website url and the callback URL which you copied from plugin’s setting page.

Click on “Create Application” button

Then Buffer will create your application. Now, you will get your API keys and access token in the next page

Now copy and paste the access token to the plugin’s setting page and then click on the save button. Now, WordPress to Buffer plugin will connect your WordPress website to your Buffer account. After connected to you WordPress site it will show two tabs labeled Post and Pages on plugin’s setting page.

Now, click on the Post tab to configure to how you want to share your post.

Now, you can see your connected social media profiles. If you haven’t connected any social media profiles to your Buffer account, then you have to go to your Buffer account and add them. Just for an example, now I am taking Facebook Account and then check the box then click to “Enable Account” option. Like this you can choose your other social media account that you want to automate the process.

Check the Enable and in this plugin will show you some more option.

Now, compose a custom message and add tags. After adding the post URL, Facebook automatically fetch post title, description and featured image form your open graph meta data setting. Then, click on save button to save your setting.

Now, WordPress to Buffer plugin will add your published posts to your buffer queue, and then automatically post it to Facebook.

We hope this post helped you learn how to automatically publish post to Facebook from WordPress. You may also visit How To Update URLs In WordPress Website After Moving to New Domain.